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12:20The Greatest Uefa Champions League Goals Ever
11:02Unforgettable Long Shot Goals
Unforgettable Long Shot Goals再生回数 3.8M6 ヶ月 前
9:36When Teamwork Goals Become Art
When Teamwork Goals Become Art再生回数 5M9 ヶ月 前


  • Falta el de teófilo cubillas en el mundial del 82

  • Can you look Drogba goal againts Real Madrid Galatasaray-Real Madrid 3-2 2013

  • A part 2 is needed. Fully

  • bressan's goal for me its the greatest in the ucl. I know zidane's was in a final and decisive but bressan's was wayyy more exceptional than zidane's

  • karagounis vs vigiareal and vien 2009

  • where is the devid's goal amk ?

  • woow

  • second song please!???

  • Faltaron muchos goles; entre ellos el de Falcao frente al Manchester City; ese si fue un golazo, como aguantó la marca y luego la sutileza para hacer el Gol de Globito!!!

  • The btr music in the background yeeees

  • Cenk Tosun Benfica?

  • Man where is the Ozil's goal 😭

  • 6:10 :really??

  • 6:10 WTF?

  • 2:59 asın bayrakları

  • Song of the outro?

  • Amazing goals and compilation, but the one from PATO against Barcelona after 24 seconds is one of the best goals ever for me

  • I miss robbery

  • 2:58 germany finally conquers England :D

  • Good

  • Drogba to real Madrid 🦁🦁🦁

  • Как у нас во дворе, ни чем е лучше))

  • Masha Allah

  • Arabic commentators are the best 😃

  • dudungbabaisonai


  • 화질 개쩌네

  • This video sucks only for 6-1 of barcelona vs psg, the most robery of the football history

  • 2:15 was worth watching

  • please comment name the song

  • Cristiano Ronaldo gol doping

  • Mario madzukit drepr

  • Messi doping boateng

  • Great não está plintura de ozil

  • Canción del inicio

  • bro no debiste poner el 3:06 me habia suscrito pues lo cancele tremendo dolor que me provoco la victoria de alemania

  • I need the name of the first song

  • Definitely made by a la liga fan 😂 missing so many actual iconic goals, lampard vs barca 🤣 joke video

  • song: check the tempo

  • Just wish they showed Buffons smile when Ronaldo scored that bicycle, He knew how great it was immediately

  • Bro como se llama la musica de fondo del video ??

  • Hi

  • Q

  • Y a des but c’est du grand n’importe quoi meilleur de tout les temps celui de Gnabry ? Sérieux ? Il est tellement banale même celui de Boateng

  • 0:43 firmino used the magic

  • Judul musiknya dong?

  • 1:43 los gallos del Querétaro jajaja ok no

  • he's been here since he was six i just imagined a six year old alexander arnold setting up for a corner

  • That Del Piero Celebration is legendary

  • 2:38 I can only say OMG

  • 1:23Coutinho's territory is exciting

  • Where is Gareth Bale volley in final!? Top player who is top underrated.

  • Maxwell Cornet vs city x2 ?

  • 0:38 esos tiempos cuando Cristiano Ronaldo gambeteaba y cada vez que tocaba la pelota todos pensabamos "y que jugada ira hacer ahora" 😪😪😪

  • That goal from Ronaldinho against Chelsea is my all time favorite 🔥

  • chelsea hater

  • @ best Neymar i ever sow

  • Zidane 💙

  • J'ai pas compris le titre 😕

  • Beste Tor Ronaldinho gegen Chelsea ❤️👍🏻

  • J'adore vraiment !

  • where is giggs

  • 6:37 lol

  • picture : the greatest Uefa champions league team ever..

  • pov: you were in the good old days

  • il n'y a pas des buts sur mohamed salah

  • Amazing goals! Ronaldo's bicycle is the best. Just amazing!

  • Man könnte zumendenstens die namen dazu schreiben wer die tore gemacht hat aber sonst cool

  • Zidane's final goal vs leverkusen is the king of all goals.

  • I knew that Ronaldo overhead kick will be at last - “the greatest sportsman in the history of champions league"

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 3 segundos fazendo poha nenhuma e muda pra outro kkkkkkk

  • como me va a poner golazo el de el Liverpool eso es ser mala gente, es estratégico pero no un golazo

  • 6:10

  • yo pense q iva a estar la remontada istorica del barca del 2017 de barca 6 psg 5

  • One of the best edits tbf

  • Goals from same players repeatedly...

  • lmao that ramsey goal with his weaker foot

  • 2:55, this always gets me ! "Enormee kakaaa" , it sounds exactly like enormous poop in French which is kind of sad when you see the quality of the goal.

    • It sounds like that in everything but Portugese, it seems. Kaka DooDoo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 02:19 hagi der susarım 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42 4:42