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10:19Legendary Rocket Goals
Legendary Rocket Goals再生回数 700K22 日 前
12:20The Greatest Uefa Champions League Goals Ever
11:02Unforgettable Long Shot Goals
Unforgettable Long Shot Goals再生回数 4.1M8 ヶ月 前
9:36When Teamwork Goals Become Art
When Teamwork Goals Become Art再生回数 6M11 ヶ月 前


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  • Look at Henry's stride.. he's like gliding from one end to one end.. j

  • Yaya Toure is so underrated

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  • what is the name of the song that start in 1:12?

  • The 2 best words for man city

  • Love you salah from bangladesh,,,,,,

  • gotze solo nacio para joderle el mundial a Messi

  • very good

  • 4:30 how?

  • Some are good goals but some are just for particular fans, not really good as some other goals

  • Ne goller ama 😁

  • This is cool

  • 4:12 Essien's goal looked like it was going wide from that angle

  • 8:00 most satisfying one. rises so much

  • How big the bug 😃

  • 5:35 which football player is that from Netherlands and against which country ?

  • Second song name ? Plz

  • Ok

  • The last one is the best one !

  • Zidane's goal against Bayer Leverkusen is so beautiful. I've seen it a million times and I'll enjoy it a million times more!

  • 8:30 부터 나오는 노래 제목좀 알려 주세요!!

  • タイトルのだけでロベカルしか浮かばなかった(笑)

  • minnasgoigooleokimeteru😅

  • 1:15 music name pls?

  • Spanish commentators are so bad

  • Not even a Liverpool fan, but you can tell this account is a Barca fanboi. Leaving out literally the most memorable goals from that thrashing Barca got by Liv. Lol. If you're gonna make a "memorable" video, you shouldn't cut short what happened to that team when they couldn't even defend a 3 goal lead rofl

  • Amazing video good job bro 👌

  • 프리킥 중 카를로스 ufo 를 능가하는 슛은 없다고 봅니다

  • So happy to see Shevchenko in there

  • Hagi'yi koyan eller dert görmesin :)

  • When Nani scored the header he was offside

  • Where is Hulk??

  • Ve gözlerim Hagi'nin Monaco'ya attığı golü ararken, 7:59 çıktı karşıma.))

  • 하지만 나에게 올타임 최고의 골은 월드컵 카를로스 UFO슛

  • In my opion Messi got the best goal and Ronaldo got 2

  • Why no batistuta ??? He is good kicked far away..😂😂😂

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  • Legend has it that commentator is still saying "dybala, higuain" to this day

  • The Gerrad Show

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  • Kinda crazy that you can watch a Zlatan compilation which has more amazing goals than the rest of the world combined.

  • super

  • O Ney não e cai cai ele e caçado no campo todo

  • ياس

  • Suothamericans teams?????

  • The girl in the last clip, hopping on one foot to celebrate with your team... That's a true fan. Much respect.

  • que golasos de los jugadoooooooores

  • 00:43 Muốn chăm sóc anh cả đời, muốn thuê người đánh gãy chân anh 🚪

  • what was the song name for the first song used

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  • Commentator: Too far 4 Ronaldo to think abt it Ronaldo: WHO DECIDED THT😂😂🧠🔥🔥

  • James Rodriguez, Maxi Rodriguez, and Rooney take it for me

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  • great shots👍🏻

  • Cenk tosun BEŞİKTAŞ🖤🤍

  • Legend <3

  • Mais après 3 épisode ou est donc le 2nd poteau Pavard qui délivras la France contre l'Argentine dans la coupe du monde 2018 en huitième de finale ? Superbe compilation quand même !

  • Cut the video in half by showing the goals NOT THE AFTERMATH!!!! And get rid of the black screen!

  • Da kommt einfach ne kurdische Flagge bei 03:04 😂

  • Whats the music in the first couple minutes guys? I love it.

  • 8:52 for me,the best goal in history,as Spanish i remember jump and loud with all my family,this moment always made me cry and get excited,the best Spain of the football history

    • Damn yeah I can imagine, us dutchies liked it a little bit less 😂

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  • 3:48 McGeady Spin cancel in real life

  • Ronaldo is a true beast, he literally hung in mid f'ing air and he is the best knuckleball shooter in the history of football. 15 or 35 meters, doesn't matter. An inverted winger with the soul of a striker.

  • 2:19 hagiiiiii

  • Como se nota que eres del madrid jajaja. Pones goles de ronaldo que son mas normales pero bueno...

  • why not one goal of Gheorghe Hagi thou? guy had lead in his left foot...! good vid otherwise 8)

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    • Someone just took an English class and listened to about 50% of the lecture

  • Hahiya chine YOURI 4 4 4

  • Drari brojola t'abonaw nwsloha 5k

  • how are you?

  • 0:59 great goal from Zlatan !!!

  • Faltou o gol do Nilmar jogando pelo Inter contra o curintia

  • 🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘❤️