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11:02Unforgettable Long Shot Goals
Unforgettable Long Shot Goals再生回数 3.4M4 ヶ月 前
9:36When Teamwork Goals Become Art
When Teamwork Goals Become Art再生回数 4.8M8 ヶ月 前
5:44Football Plays That Happen Once In A Lifetime!


  • Ajax deserved to be in the final

  • where is the SERIE A ?

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  • how's Mbappe's world cup final goal worth watching again? no disrespect ofc xD but that was meh at best .. but otherwise great content !! amazing editing too well done

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  • so many good memories1

  • And ziyech vs chelsea

  • Ibrahimovic (Ajax) vs NAC deserves a place.

  • Good

  • Innecesario el de Götze

  • Beşiktaş - Benfica 3 - 3?

  • nice!

  • @DNpro you should check out clips from Arabic commentators, they have some ridiculous reactions; really good stuff :)

  • Hazard in Chelsea🥺

  • 9:09

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  • Falta el de Gaizka Mendieta contra el Farsa.. Su famoso "Mendietazo"

  • Nayim... 👍🏻👍🏻

  • wtfff

  • Allah is with Salah for a reason he's a good man and check out his name sAlah

  • Love's Bravo Gene.

  • Éder's goal was the most incredible moment in my football watching life

  • Neymar jr is a talented player, I still don't know why he chooses to be a Clown of Football 😳

  • Мухаммад Салах красавчик, вертуоз. Сколько получаем удовольствия от его игры.

  • 2:15 I found the meme!

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  • Ben mısırlıyım Egypt

  • Werner scoring is once in a lifetime

  • What 3years

  • Hazard quien te a visto y quien te ve. Ojalá te recuperes al 100% y seas en el real Madrid mejor estrella de la que fuiste en el Chelsea.

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  • 3:04 me quemaaaaa me lastimaaaaaaa

  • Background sound name please

  • Puro europeos hay goles únicos en sur América también y mejores

  • Y los goles? O son estos primeros planos y cambios de camara? Estos que hacen estos videos jamás patearon una pelota.

  • No pierdo la esperanza de ser como uno de ellos algún dia🥺

  • Tres ou hit hijg fhddvn stla

  • 2:14 Orgulloso de ser Colombiano xD

  • there I HEARD magic word only once ,and guess what for whom....? MESSI.... BTW this whole video contained beauty

  • ils sont chiant les présentateurs espagnols

  • Barcelona vs psg

  • Barcelona?

  • si no esta el de leo vs el liverpool no se si lo vea

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  • It is turkish brooo

  • Nice watching

  • 1:21 d r u g s

  • Cade o Ibrakadrabra

  • Awesome

  • Um gol desse no Brasil é raridade, quando acontece os comentaristas e jornalistas dizem logo q o time é de nível europeu ou q é um time pra disputar Champions League, na Europa acontece o tempo todo e eles nem ligam mais, é considerado gol normal, só por ai da pra ver a diferença tática e técnica abissal q divide o futebol sulamericano do futebol europeu, uma diferença estratosférica.